roll roll roll

Portland Merucry, May 15-21 2004

Batter, Batter, KICK!
By Phil Busse

Need a recess break from adulthood? Welcome to the Portland kickball league! Last summer, a few friends in town started playing and age-old school yard favorite – a hybrid between baseball and soccer, but played with a slightly deflated (red, always, red) rubber ball. This summer, the group has matured their childhood passion into ta full-fledged kickball league, with organized teams and an end of season Rose City Tournament.

League organizer Colleen “Kickball Queen” Finn explains that, unlike baseball or football, where strength and size are king, kickball is a game that levels the playing field between your 250-pund gorilla and your pixyish young lady. “That big guy that steps up tp boot it,” she explains, “sometimes it just goes straight up in the air”
“And,” she adds “that skinny girl in third grade who was always picked last; she’s looking for revenge.

Finn cautions the Portland league is not powder-puff polite, but shamelessly trash talking. She also adds that this is a 21+ league. “It’s a beer swilling good time.”