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Bowling FAQ

How does this whole thing work?

Well, you sign up, either with a team or as your lonesome, show up for the first week, and roll to your heart’s content. If you’re a new team, think of a creative name and aliases for your team members. Then iron them on the back of your shirt, bring cool prizes each week to “psyche” up your fellow bowlers – puffy paint, glitter and mascots ( like the Gutterminds’ “Dick” ) are all good places to start.

Six bowlers bowl each game. Teams drop the lowest score for each gender. Teams add up the four remaining scores, compare to your opponents and whichever team has the high score, wins!

What to I get?

Well, aside from several weeks of bowling, you get shoe rental, discount beer prices, free beer if you’re lucky, oh, and trophies if you’re lucky too.

Do I have to be an all star to roll with your crowd?
No, we cap scores at 201, so you can be a gutter hugger or a near PBA super star, but we like to stop the bleeding before it starts. It’s our built in handicap (aka mercy rule).

How do you keep score?

Well the automatic scorers have made things much easier. At the end of the game, you take your score and write on the handy dandy RSL score sheets we provide.

How many on a team?

Teams are maxed out at eight. Six players roll per game, teams bowl two games per night. Depending on how flaky your friends are, you will have a built in beer runner for each game!

Co-ed? What are the rules about that?
Teams must have at least three men and three women on each team per game.

Can I have a sub?

Teams may host substitutes during the season but not during the playoffs. Subs must be registered bowlers in Recess Time in the same season (may be a different night/division) or you may bring a sub from outside the league for a minimal sub fee.

What if I need one or two more to round out my team’s roster?

We always have Free Agents looking for a spot on a team’s roster. Email us or check out the forum for fresh meat.


Yes, what’s a party without prizes? Thanks to our fun partnership with MillerCoors, you will be rewarded throughout the season with tasty morsels of presents.

Where do you roll?

Hollywood Bowl in Northeast (Hollywood) Portland.

I still don’t get it.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) we may not be the best bowlers, but we’re happy to talk about it and to talk to you.