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Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Community Hall of Fame, here we celebrate the true Recesstime hall of fame, you, the people. The participants in Recesstime are who make up this great social/sports microcosm that we love. Without you, there would just be a bunch of lonely balls. Congratulations to all of these lovely people!

Gary and Mandy

image Mandy claims she had a crush on Gary starting in the Fall of 2005 but they actually met in Spring of 2006 at pick up dodgeball in Vancouver and the following Thursday at Billy Reed’s (RIP) Gary got my Mandy’s phone number and they’ve been together ever since! Mandy was on Hit for Brains at the time and he was on the Decepticons. Since then they stayed true to their original teams, but they’ve also played together on Thicker than Liquor in dodgeball and the Mt. Hoodlums for kickball!! They were married in Paso Robles, CA on September 18th, 2010 and honeymooned in Kauai—where this photo was taken.

Matt (Pec) and Beth Hollenbeck

image Matt (Pec) and Beth Hollenbeck met in 2008 when they both joined the team Victims and Newbies. Beth realized what a treasure Pec was right away and fell in love with his passion and uncanny ability to smoothly transition from complete ass on the dodgeball court to hopeless romantic off the court. And Pec thought that Beth was the hottest cougar he had ever seen and knew that he better act quickly before her better years were gone. It was a match made in short people heaven and in 2010 Pec and Beth were married in a simple ceremony by the Fleminator (Ryan Fleming) and immediately jumped on a plane that night to New York City, where Pec realized his dream of seeing the New York Yankees play in Yankee Stadium.

Brian and Laura

image Brian (Dodgy Slappers) and Laura (SLE) first met during the Summer 2006 dodgeball season. Laura’s teammates captured the Kennedy Cup that season, but it was Laura who won the ultimate prize…Brian’s heart. They got married on August 22, 2009 with both of their teams in attendance, and no one from SLE voiced any objections.

Joe and Christine

image “Sweet Joe” and Christine “Bubbles” met during the Summer 2006 dodgeball league through Sweet Joe’s SLE teammate, Holly. They have now played dodgeball, kickball and even bowled together with Recesstime for the 4 years they have been together. Sweet Joe and Bubbles will be getting married in April of 2011 and hitting up Cancun for their honeymoon. Congratulations!

Danny and Shannon

imageDanny and Shannon met in the Fall season of 2008 when Danny joined Shannon’s team (The Kegelmasters). During the following Winter End of Season Party, Shannon made her move. Danny agreed to go on a date two days later and the two continued dating and living together in sin until Shannon’s birthday on April 4th of 2010 when Danny popped the question! They were married on July 6th and had a reception in Portland on October, 2nd, followed by a honeymoon in Maui.

Travis and Lucy

image Travis and Lucy met playing dodgeball against each other winter season 2006.  The details of which team won, or how many times since then that team has continued to dominate the other are, of course, totally immaterial and never mentioned (except in their wedding vows).  They avoided tournament day at all costs, and were married on March 7th 2009 in Portland.  To read more about the big day, or see pictures, check out their wedding profile on Offbeat Bride.

Jim Seaton and Shannon Miller

imageJim and Shannon met playing kickball in season one when the league was still Northwest Kickball (c. 2003)! Jim started with the Chicks, who turned into the Kicktasticks! who morphed into Lords of Metal. Shannon was an original Ghostrunner, did some time as a Shocker and on Armed and Hammered. She also has served as League Pres and remains a loyal fan.

They were married two years later in Jamaica yeah for eloping! In August 2008, Jim and Shannon welcomed their daughter, Finlee, who made her first kickball cheerleading appearance at that summer’s kickball tournament!