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March 2011

Congratulations Dodgy $yle!

Congratulations to Dodgy $tyle who notched their 4th championship title with their Winter 2011 championship victory! Want to get in on some of this dodgeball action? Jellyball league is accepting new teams until March 30th or sign up for Fantasy Draft League and get drafted onto a team, play with new people and meet new friends! Go here for league information and to sign up!

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Congratulations Happy Wolf Balls!

Spring Jellyball Dodgeball Champs! Think you have what it takes to out howl, these dodgeballlers? Get your team together today! Team registration closes March 30th! Go here to sign up!

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Winter End of Season Dodgeball Tournament and Party

Join us this Saturday for an all day and all night dodgeball dodgeball extravaganza! Tournament – all day Saturday, March 20th at the Courts in Beaverton and the after party at the Ponderosa Lounge – 10350 N Vancouver Way 97255 – and toast to the thrill of victory or the thrill of getting your face pummeled all day at the end of season tournament!

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Spring Dodgeball Leagues!

Registration is now open for Draft League, Jellyball and Classic Thursday!
Spring Jellyball
The Spring Jellyball season will remain on Tuesday nights!
April 5 – May 31
Beaumont Middle School

Teams must be registered by end of day March, 28th

Click Here For More Information and To Register for Recesstime Jellyball Dodgeball

Spring Draft League
The Spring Draft League will again be held on Monday nights, with games played at Beverly Cleary School unless otherwise noted, and the league will run $65. Games will be held from April 11 through May 23.

The last day to register is noon on April 8th!
Click Here For More Information and To Register for Recesstime Draft Dodgeball

Spring Thursday Classic League
Your Thursday staple, our biggest and baddest dodgeball league.
March 31 – June 2nd with the End of Season tourney, June 4.

Deadline for teams to register is March 21st!

Click here For More Information and To Register for Recesstime Classic Dodgeball

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Newsletter Week 9

Ladies, gentlemen, others, please help us in welcoming your favorite week, week nine. To be honest, it isn’t really our favorite week, but week nine-or W9 as the kids call it-can be a jealous beast. So much so that we had to add an additional week 9.5 next week to appease it. W9’s wrath is terrible, and it is not to be angered.

This is the last week where every team plays on the same day before the tournament. Next week is a half week, while week 10 closes out the season for those not playing next week. Keep an eye on the schedule, and if your captain hasn’t passed on the schedule to you, you have our permission to stare at them until they feel uncomfortable.

For now though, this is the final chance for everyone to hang out before the tournament. After the games, head to the Radio Room and join us for a round!

Underneath the schedules below, you will also find a copy of the play-in and primary bracket for the tournament (don’t worry about the 2010 date—if it aint broke, don’t fix it). We will talk more about the tourney and EOS in the next few weeks, but the schedules should give you a rough idea of times and such.

Although the season is nearing its finale, fear not, as registration is now open for the following events:
Spring Dodgeball- Draft League on Monday, Jellyball on Tuesday and Classic Thursday League
Spring Kickball- Early and Late Divisions are filling up!
Spring Bowling- Leagues will be held Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Click HERE for more details and a link to the various registrations!

So head on out to the bar and raise a glass. Good luck to all, and see you on the courts!

New to the league and looking for a few games to watch? A veteran of the league and looking to kill a little time? Here are a few suggestions for games that will be worth the price of admission. So to speak.

6:20 – Mt. Hoodlums vs. Ricardo Montalballs
Point- This is the most important game of the regular season for both these teams. Why? Tied at the top of Bachelor division, these teams have only suffered 1 loss each. The winner of this game has inside edge division title and most likely a #1 seed for the tournament. Both teams are playing fantastic right now, with the Hoodies now legitimately climbing to the top ranks of the elite, a place where the Montalballs have been for a while. This game could go any way, but I expect it to be very methodical in its pace and it really is going to be who executes their strategy the best. The Game of the Week starts early this week!

Counterpoint- I predict slow play at it finest. I also see a two way tie resulting exactly no change in standings. you will see 2 face shots as well in this game. 1 will result in a catch. These folks are going to be playing it tight here. As a spectator I feel the more chaotic the dodgeball the more enjoyable it is to watch. Structured play just isn’t what I find exciting. Regardless, this is definitely the game of the week, and if you want to see methodical calculated dodgeball at it’s finest, then check out this game.

7:00 – Boondock Saints vs. Dodgy $tyle
Point- Trap Game?! Dodgy $tyle is 2 games away from an undefeated regular season and they have a big match in their final matchup in the final week. If they look past this game, they could be in trouble. The Saints can live up to their name by giving evidence of a miracle and pulling this upset off. It will be extremely difficult and the Boondock Saints will need to be at the top of their game, but expect this one to be much closer than most of $tyle’s games thus far.

Counterpoint- The $tyle is rolling strong yet again this winter. Going for yet another undefeated season, they have 2 last hurtles to overcome before entering the playoffs with a perfect 10, this week it’s the Taints. Here you will witness a game of strategy vs.focus. Offense vs. defense. The style will bide their time while the Taints will look for an opportunity to make a move. There will be an intense battle as long as both teams bring their A game. If either team falters, this could get ugly.

7:40 – Slores vs. Team Abearica
Point- This is the big game for the Meadows division! These teams are dead even at the top of the division and it’s time to create some separation between these two. Abearica has truly morphed into a good team this season and winning the division would be a very big deal to them. The Slores play solid season after season and they are once again challenging for their division title. Can the Slores seduce Abearica into submission or will Furry Freedom prevail?!

Counterpoint- Its a teddy bear picnic and the squrrills are serving up delicious gooey Slores. But wait, is the tender mallow getting stuck in the fur of the bear’s ursine paws?? Or is it that the Slores are well versed in getting it done bear style? Either way there’s gonna be a thick ropey residue.

8:20 – AARP vs. NSF
Point- The elderly fell from the ranks of the unbeaten last week, but one thing they have shown season after season is that these old folks actually can get up after they’ve fallen. No Life Alert needed here, but they better keep their eyes out for the youngsters of NSF. NSF, I have no idea what your acronym actually stands for, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the National Science Foundation. Your arms will need more than brute strength to overcome the experience of your elders and I have a feeling you will definitely know what AARP stands for after this game.

Counterpoint- Seriously, AARP can whoop some ass when they want to. With centuries of life experience, this venerable group can summon up the might of the ages to play some serious dodgeball.What the hell does NSF stand for? It’s gotta be either ‘’non sufficient funds’’ or ‘’non sexual friendly’’. Answers people, I want answers! You know these NSF kids are gonna bring it hard, I just hope that they bring enough bullets to finish the job.

Team of the Week!
Dodgeball Furies!
We have decided to do away with the team of the week article in order to dedicate more space to things like stats, but the competition will rage on! To nominate your team or another, visit the dodgeball forums.
Besides voting, you can head to the forums to nominate your team, chat with others, and do all the things a forum can!

Alternatively you can email us to nominate your team at:
Ryan @

Good luck!

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