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Spring 2014 Bowling Team of the week:  week 3

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This week’s team of the week features the Monday team: We Love Women Part II.

We Love Women Part II is captained by player/coach Doug Harrison.  When he is not showing off his amazing beard and fantasy football skills he is busy captaining his bowling teams to many, many, many championships.  Doug started his own Monday bowling team back in 2006 with Spud.  Back then the goal was to win lots of beer each night, however as the team aged a few roster changes occurred.  Besides Spud & Doug, the rest of the team is made up of: Schaub, the guy with the smoothest form in the league, Amy “Hater” Roylance, Molly “Loco Mo” Walther and Eddie “Heater”.  This team is known for playing poker while bowling.  Occasionally you will hearing someone yell “GAMBOWLING!” OR “I GET PAID TO BOWL”.  When asked about origins of the team name Doug replied “the name says it all”.


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