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Posted: 07 July 2014 02:04 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Exciting times are afoot here at
We are in the throes of making some updates to your favorite Portland social sports web experience.
First - we will be integrating a new registration platform. If any of you played Draft Dodgeball or Mushball last summer, you got a taste of these new registration tools.
We are switching systems for a couple main reasons:
First: We need a fresh website update and as much as we loved our old platform, Reggie, it’s no longer going to be supported.
Secondly, the new platform is linked with Facebook for more integration. You can choose to login with Facebook, and don’t need to worry about entering your username and password each time you login. After you sign up, you have the ability to share your registration on Facebook and get your friends to join you! You can also message your teammates and league-mates from within the site.
We have a mobile site ready, where you can access schedules, standings, and team rosters.Team messaging, wall posts, etc. should make it a lot of fun. You’ll also be receiving automatic game reminders and other announcements. Captains, you feel me, no more having to remind your teammates about the game times, we have you covered! Plus, for you veterans if you don’t want another orange shirt to add to the 1000 you already have, you can select no shirt and get a discount code for future use!
The transition to the new site will be happening over the next few weeks so you’ll see links changing, and eventually this site will be fully transitioned onto one site rather than toggling from our site to a registration site, it will all be in one place.
One element that will not make the trip is this forum. When we first launched this site, Tom was your only friend on MySpace. Once Facebook was released to the world, forums like ours stopped having the participation it once had. We’ll continue the social conversation on our Facebook group page which many of you already belong. If you haven’t already, join here: If you have memories you’d like to save, scroll through and screen cap the heck out of this, we’d love to see that scrapbook!  Shleby, Hopejack, that one video about the tournament, and endless rule conversations have carried us all through a boring work day. Thanks for all of your participation in these forums over the last several years, it’s been a VERY entertaining read.
We’re sure there will be some hurdles as we all learn the new system, so we appreciate your understanding during the transition. Please do share any feedback and let us know if any questions/issues come up. We’re committed to making the transition as smooth as possible.
We’ll see you playing soon.


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