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October 2011

Recesstime Kickball Fall Sock Drive


Announcing the 1st annual Recesstime Fall Kickball Sock Drive to benefit New Avenues For Youth!

We will be collecting donated socks during the rest of the kickball season. To add incentive to donate, the team that donates the most socks over the course of the rest of the kickball season will win a fancy new canopy tent, courtesy of Sports Authority. The runner-up will receive the final Team of the Week bar tab, worth $50 at the Radio Room!

Socks? Why Socks?
To most of us, socks are an afterthought, however, with the weather getting colder and rainier, socks are a valuable and much needed item for homeless youth in Portland. When the weather starts getting cold and rainy, a clean, dry pair of socks can provide much comfort and warmth. Socks are among the most requested and least stocked item in shelters. Your donation will help bring comfort to homeless youth on the long, cold, wet nights of Fall and Winter in Portland.

What kind of socks?
Please donate any type of unused long warm socks, preferably long tube socks or warm wool socks. Please do not donate thinner dress socks, novelty socks, or short socks that fall on or beneath the ankles. Your typical six-pack of white tube socks would be a cheap and easy donation. Both women’s and men’s sizes will be graciously accepted.

Team Competition!
The team that donates the most socks over the course of the rest of the Fall season will be awarded a sweet canopy tent which has been kindly donated by Sports Authority. The runner up will receive Team of the Week honors for the final week of the season, and will receive a $50 bar tab! For each pair of socks donated, your team will get 1 point. Donate a 6 pack of socks, and you get 6 points. We will be posting weekly updates on the Recesstime Kickball Forums with the leaderboard for donations, and the winner will be announced following the last game of the season on Sunday, 10/30.

How to donate!
This is the easiest part! Simply bring your donation to your game and drop it off at the Recesstime Tent at the field you’re playing, and we will mark down your donation so your team gets credit in the contest.

About New Avenues For Youth:
The New Avenues for Youth mission is to work in partnership with our community to prevent youth homelessness and provide homeless and at-risk young people the resources and skills needed to lead healthy and productive lives.

New Avenues for Youth was founded in 1997 in direct response to Portland’s need for a new and innovative approach to serving homeless youth. Today, New Avenues is one of the leading organizations serving homeless youth in the Portland area.

Every day there are more than 400 homeless youth from Oregon and SW Washington living on the streets of Portland. They panhandle for food and money, struggle with drug and mental health problems, and have no idea what the future holds. Most are totally unprepared for street life, and are vulnerable to all manner of abuse and victimization. Education and employment do not enter their thinking: their focus is on finding something to eat and a safe place to sleep. While meeting these basic needs is important, their ability to exit street life and achieve self-sufficiency requires deeper, more long term interventions.
The New Avenues model is designed as a continuum, guiding youth on a step-by-step process that leads them from homelessness to education, independent housing, and employment.

For more information about New Avenues For Youth and their services, visit their website:

Feel free to email questions or comments to: or call Manny Franklin @ 503-740-9255

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